[19.10.2019] Crystal upgrade and some

General crystal/libs upgrade; disabled instagram bot as it was finally banned :P.

[22.01.2019] Crystal 0.27

Bumped Crystal to 0.27, disabled twitter integration due to outdated dependencies 😕 (problems of young ecosystem I suppose). Also: fixed infinite crawl loop on movies categories due to changes on IMDB side (whoopsy!).

[02.07.2018] Crystal 0.25.1, clean orm

Bumped Crystal to 0.25.1, added Clean ORM in few just to try it out in practice (only for reading data so far), looks promising. Refactored some messy string-glued-sql queries.

[2x.06.2018] Crystal 0.25, Twitter and Instagram integrations

Bumped Crystal to 0.25, a lot of shards are still in development so things might get usable a little bit. Added Twitter (@underrated_bot) and Instagram (@underratedmoviesbot) integrations just for fun and no profit :P.

[14.05.2018] Reviews helpfulness edge parsing issue fix

There was a smallish issue regarding helpfulnesses parsing that affected small portion of the reviews, the whole system is currently being refreshed just in case and that will probably take around a week.

[11.05.2018] Explore links, fixed search for more complex queries

Explore section allows you to explore all under/overrated movies from given time range - if you're not looking for something from particular genre this might be handy. Also search was broken for more complex queries, that should be resolved now.

[01.04.2018] Basic search

As my departure is kinda delayed I quickly hacked basic search on top of existing codebase.

[27.03.2018] Moar schedulers

Hooked-in some more schedulers for categories/reviews.

Basically I'm not touching this code for another month or two, I just hope it will work as expected as I won't have access to my laptop during that time. In Crystal I trust (and in monit and in systemd).

[26.03.2018] Scheduled materialized view refresh

Almost 1.6 million reviews collected so it's time to add some sort of automated materialized view refresh.

Expect some changes in results (or not) every day at 8am CEST.

[23.03.2018] Hidden year-to filter

Added secret /year/:year_from/to/:year_to route for more fun.

Unfortunately I found Kemal's router quite limiting very soon, code beings to look like a spaghetti and I'm thinking about looking for more flexible router that allows some more complex globbing/optional routing.

[22.03.2018] Internal release

Internal release, app is kind-of-working, data is still being collected.

It will probably take at least few more weeks to grab enough of it to do some useful queries as obviously I'm not doing it in automated way as it's not allowed.